Some helpful advice about fire damage

You deserve to know the truth about fire damage, insurance claims and choosing a restoration contractor that's right for you..


Let's start at the beginning. Most adjusters and restoration contractors use the same software to write repair estimates (it's called Xactimate). Since bids can vary by as much as "30 percent" I suggest you obtain a repair estimate from an independent contractor like us. Just remember that your insurance company's primary function is to pay the least amount for your claim (and it's your right to choose a contractor).


Most reputable contractors will take time to inspect your fire damage and answer all your questions.  You certainly should not feel pressured to make any decisions or sign a work authorization before you're comfortable with a contractor.


Just keep in mind that not all restoration contractors are alike. The level of expertise, restoration services and warranties they provide can vary greatly. I encourage you to take sufficient time to sit down with an independent contractor like us before making that all important decision to hire a restoration contractor to work on your property.


We are available 7 days a week to give you a free consultation and inspection of your fire damage.


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